The 2016 Silver Censer Awards

Since time immemorial (or since Fordham’s first Camino), the Silver Censer Awards have capped off the Fordham Pilgrims’ Experience. A mixture of traditional and new awards, every peregrino and peregrina receives a token of appreciation from the staff, together with their very own nickname. This year, the Silver Censer Awards were held at El Gato Negro and emceed by our chaperones, Louisa and Rachel. The complete list of winners is below:

Traditional Awards

The Coco Chanel Award for the Most Fashionable Pilgrim – Katherine

The Pathfinder Award for Blazing a Trail (and in this particular case, for getting lost in a pasture, too) – Dan Salerno

The Florence Nightingale Award for Compassionate Blister Care – Francis

The Little Miss Sunshine Award for Irrepressible Cheer – Delaney

The Moonbeam Award for Quiet but Irreplaceable Positivity – Jennifer

The Energizer Bunny Award for Absolutely Incredible Energy – Kara

New Awards

The Dora the Explorer Award for Fearless Hiking and Great Gear – Dan Sullivan

The Boots Award for Sticking with Dora and Hiking in Seemingly Impractical Footwear – Connor

The Disney Princess Award for Charming Spanish Wildlife – Sarah

The Jason and the Argonaut Award for Trekking through Uncharted Territory – Alexa and Katrine

The Ansel Adams Award for Outstanding Photography – Travis

The Imperator Furiosa Award for Fierce Domination of the Trail – Jacqueline

The Lemony Snicket Award for Suffering (and Overcoming!) a Series of Unforunate Events – Allie

The Unsinkable Molly Brown Award for Sailing through Adversity – Shandley

The Linneus Award for Attention to Spanish Ecology – Allison

The Artemis Award for Respecting Nature in All Forms and Possessing a Warrior Spirit – Tiffany

The Georgia O’Keefe Award for Artistic Achievement- Hania

The Bear Grylls Award for Wilderness Preparation (and for  being able to find a pub, even when dropped in the middle of nowhere) – Owen

The Scarlett O’Hara Award for Southern Elegance even in Decidedly Inelegant Circumstances – Mary

The Anthony Bourdain Award for Culinary Curiosity – Gavin

The King of Spain Award for Charming a Nation – Ian

And to our absolutely irreplaceable staff:

The Alcott Award for Embodying the Spirit of Jo – Louisa

The Metamorphosis Award for Turning from Human to Mama Bear and Back Again – Rachel

For offering emotional and physical succor, for her deep understanding of Franciscan spirituality and for being basically the best, to the newly-minted Doctor Egler, the Beloved Friaress Award.

For completing his fifth Camino, for carrying a pack the size of a small child, for getting every Fordham student in his groups to Santiago without harm and, above all, for being the best pilgrim on the Way, to Dr. Myers, the Peregrinissimo Award.




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